Thank you, Poland!

  Welcome to the web-site of the Computer Science Depatment of the Ryazan State Pedagogical University! Here it's supposed that you will get to know about the history of this department, its future projects, the members of its courses and much other information. So now the site is in underconstruction state. But i hope it will become more containable soon, 'cause the students of the Cyber Department are interested in being known all over the world using this means of informing. If someone wants to add information to this site he/she should go to "links".

Thank you, Poland!

  As in Cyber Department was opened an optional subject - German Language - there will be information for the students who attend it. Of course it'll be in german. So alles klar... If there'll be much information, for example you can add a time table, the prices and whatever you want, the unique link will be made.

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